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The official name of Geneva International Airport is “Genève Aéroport”, and its common name is “Aéroport de Genève-Cointrin”. It is an international airport located in Switzerland.

Over the years, parking facilities have become more and more extensive, even labyrinthine, as some passengers would say! We’ll explain how all the airport parking lots at Cointrin.

Understanding this organization allows you to choose the option that best suits your length of stay and budget, while ensuring safety and convenience.

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Geneva airport offers a variety of parking options, organized according to duration and proximity to terminals. The parking lots are segmented into short- and long-term zones, each meeting different passenger needs. Visit short-term parking lots such as P2 and P3, are ideal for quick drop-offs, and are located right next to the terminals. For longer stays, the P1 parking lot, for example, offers daily rates, while the parking lot P51 is economical for longer periods.

However, these parking options prove insufficient for the number of passengers who need to park their vehicles. That’s why several private parking lots including Arena Park.

Arena Park offers an inexpensive yet practical option. Located just three minutes from the terminals, it offers a continuous shuttle service between the airport and your parking space.

Where are the parking lots at Geneva airport?

Official airport parking lots

As we have seen, these include several parking lots.

For the short term you can choose between :

  • Parking lot P2: with direct access to the terminals, it is open 24 hours a day. The first 5 minutes are free. Then charge CHF 3 for parking between 5 and 30 minutes, and CHF 5 for up to one hour, which is the maximum parking time.
  • The P3 parking lot is a drop-off point.

For long-term parking you can choose between :

  • Parking P1 offers direct access to the terminals (from CHF 38 per day).
  • Parking lot P26 is located under Geneva Arena, near the Geneva Airport train station (from CHF 30 per day).
  • The P51 parking lot, located 500m from the airport terminals, offers an inclusive shuttle service (from CHF 30 per day).
  • P20 is located in the France sector (from CHF 38 per day).
Plan des parkings de l'aéroport de Genève

Arena Park parking lot

This is the most affordable option. Located just 3 minutes from the airport Arena Park can offer you substantial savings compared to the official airport parking lots. Here are some indicative prices:

  • 1 day : CHF 50.
  • 4 days: CHF 70.
  • 1 week: CHF 100.
  • 2 weeks: CHF 170.

With shuttle service, valet parking and 24-hour surveillance, as well as additional services such as vehicle cleaning, Arena Park allows you to leave with complete peace of mind for the duration of your trip.

How do I get to the Geneva airport parking lots?

Accessing the Geneva airport parking lots is easy, thanks to clear signage and detailed instructions. You can take the A40 freeway, the N201 trunk road or the A1 freeway.

💡 Tip: avoid paying the Swiss vignette. This vignette, also known as the “motorway vignette”, is compulsory on certain roads in Switzerland. It costs CHF 40. To get to the airport without buying a ticket, depending on which freeway you’re on, go through either Ferney-Voltaire or Saint-Julien-en-Genevois customs.

The address for the Arena Park parking lot is: Chemin de l’Avanchet 26, CP 1216 Cointrin – Genève.

Once on site, valet parking is available to take care of your vehicle, or you can choose to park yourself before taking the free shuttle directly to the terminals.

How do I reserve a parking space at Geneva airport?

You’re ready to leave and your travel dates are set? It’s time to reserve your parking space. Here’s how it works.

Do I have to reserve my parking space in advance?

Reservations are never compulsory, but they can take some of the mental load off your shoulders.

For official airport parking lots, the reservation system is only available for three parking lots: P1, P51 and P26. This can be a disadvantage for travelers who want to choose a specific parking lot outside these three proposals.

On the other hand, at Arena Park, flexibility is the order of the day Whether you book several months in advance or come at the last minute, we always have a solution for you. You have two options

  • Booking by reservation form which is fast and efficient.
  • Book by phone, up to three hours before takeoff.

What methods of payment are available for parking at Geneva airport?

At the airport parking lots, payment is made at the automatic pay stations, exit terminals and main pay stations:

  • Cash: Swiss francs (coins and banknotes) and euros (banknotes only).
  • Credit card (contactless payment can be made with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Apple Pay, Google Pay PostCard).
  • TWINT application, exit terminal only.

With Arena Park, you can choose between :

  • PostFinance Pay and TWINT applications.
  • A credit/debit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express…).
  • A PostFinance card.

We do not offer Apple Pay, Paypal or cryptocurrency payments.

It’s time to specify the rates for each option.

How much does it cost to park at Geneva airport?

Official parking lots

At Geneva airport, travelers can choose between several parking options, each offering specific advantages depending on their needs and the length of their stay. The P1 is ideal for long-distance operations with direct access to the terminals, while the P2 and P3 are more suitable for quick drop-offs.

Rates range from CHF 5 for 30 minutes to an hour, CHF 30 to 38 for a day, and CHF 132 to 197 for a week.

Arena Park

In comparison, Arena Park stands out for its low, sliding-scale ratesThis makes it particularly attractive for extended stays, with substantial savings compared to the airport’s official parking options. It’s a cheap parking.

Example: one week will cost you CHF 100, compared with CHF 132 to 197 for Geneva airport.

Example: two weeks, should I double the rate? Not at all: 2-week parking costs just CHF 170, compared with CHF 237 for the parking lot 51.

Table 1
Service Rate
Daily rate 10 CHF
One-time application fee 40 CHF
1 day 50 CHF
4 days 70 CHF
1 week CHF 100
2 weeks CHF 170
Cancellation insurance available
Shuttle available

In short, whether you’re looking for the convenience of official parking right next to the terminals or the economy of an external option like Arena Park, Geneva airport offers a range of solutions to meet the different needs of travelers, guaranteeing everyone a stress-free, tailored parking experience.

Is there a shuttle service?

It all depends on which parking company you use.

In fact, although they have long-stay parking lots that are further away (such as P1, P20, P26 and P51), the airport’s official parking lots do not offer a shuttle service. For the P51, for example, the journey from the airport to the parking lot is entirely on foot. A shuttle service is only available to car rental customers, once the rental formalities have been completed.

With Arena Park, the shuttle is free and included for all types of parking, from short to long term, and for all types of vehicles (two-wheelers, motorhomes). The journey from the parking lot to the airport takes just three minutes..

Why choose Arena Park for your Geneva airport parking?

If you’re still not convinced, here are five reasons why Arena Park is an excellent choice.

The most economical

Pricing is a decisive factor when choosing a parking lot. Arena Park offers competitive rates, well below those of the airport’s official parking lots. With offers starting from CHF 10 per day, travellers can make substantial savings, especially for longer parking periods, thanks to the sliding-scale tariff system.

Shuttle and valet services

Arena Park’s goal is to eliminate parking-related stress. The valet service allows travellers to simply drop off their vehicle at the entrance, without worrying about finding a parking space. What’s more, the free shuttle bus provides a fast, comfortable transfer between the parking lot and airport terminals with flexible schedules to suit customers’ flights. It runs from 3.45 am to 1.30 am.

Just 3 minutes from the airport

Not being parked as close as possible to boarding terminals can be a source of concern for some passengers. With Arena Park, you can rest easy: the shuttle service guarantees that it will take you no more than three minutes to get from the parking lot to the airport.

Safety first

You want to be sure that your vehicle is safe. Arena Park makes safety a priority, with 24-hour surveillance thanks to a video surveillance system and the constant presence of security guards. The secure underground parking lot ensures that your car is not subject to the vagaries of the weather or to damage.

Customer satisfaction

With over 900 reviews and a satisfaction rate of 93%, we are proud to contribute to our customers’ peace of mind.

At this stage of your reading, you may need further information about Arena Park.

Practical information about Arena Park parking lot

Can we park two-wheeled, electric or LPG vehicles?

All types of vehicle are allowed in our parking lot: cars, vans, motorcycles and camper vans. However, Arena Park has no electric charging stations, which means that electric or LPG vehicles cannot be recharged on site.

How long can I leave my vehicle in the parking lot?

It all depends on your needs. Flexibility is a watchword at Arena Park. From a few hours to several weeks, we adapt to your needs.

What services do you offer?

This is Arena Park’s “little extra”: if you want your vehicle cleaned when you return, we offer you a cleaning service cleaning service:

  • Interior cleaning for CHF 90.
  • Exterior cleaning for CHF 80.
  • Interior and exterior cleaning for CHF 165.

Also, our visual inspection service service enables you to carry out an inventory of fixtures on your arrival, thus avoiding any disputes on your return.

Comparison of available parking lots at Geneva airport

In short, how do you choose between official parking lots Geneva airport and private parking lotsaccredited by the airport? Here’s a summary of the advantages of each.

Table 1
Features Official Geneva airport parking lots Arena Park
Proximity to terminals Nearby for short-term parking. No shuttle service for those further afield. 3 minutes by free shuttle bus.
Rates Varied, higher for proximity and high season. Economical, sliding-scale rates, fixed all year round.
Additional services Little or no service.
  • Valet parking.

  • interior and/or exterior vehicle cleaning.

  • Visual inspection.

Security Standard monitoring. 24-hour surveillance with cameras + security guards.
Reservation Recommended in high season Quick and easy online booking, up to 3 hours before takeoff by telephone.
Payment methods Cash (Swiss francs and euros)
Credit card
PostFinance card,
Credit/debit cards,
PostFinance Pay application.

In conclusion, we hope you have found this article on Geneva airport parking lots useful. Arena Park will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Enjoy the flight!

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