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Who we are

Arena-Park Sàrl offers a secure parking service at Geneva’s Cointrin International Airport.

Rue Saint-Laurent 6
1207 Geneva
Commercial Register CH-660.0.423.014.1

Tel. Fixed line: +41(0)228408350
Tel. Valet parking: +41(0)791708350
Tel. Emergencies: +41(0)791708351

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Arena-Park Sàrl bonds :

1 - Purpose

Arena-Park Sàrl provides moving and storage services for vehicles entrusted to it by its customers. To this end, it enters into a contract with its customers, the elements of which are the general terms and conditions and any amendments thereto.

2 - Responsibility of Arena-Park Sàrl

Arena-Park Sàrl Sàrl’s responsibility begins as soon as the valet receives the vehicle keys and parking ticket. Consequently, a copy of the confirmation is retained by each party.

Arena-Park Sàrl undertakes to drive your vehicle to our private parking lots and to return it to you on the date and at the time specified by you.

Arena-Park Sàrl reserves the right to start vehicles using jumper cables in the event of battery discharge and, if necessary, to relocate vehicles and use other parking lots on a temporary basis.

Arena-Park Sàrl employees will not smoke in the vehicles under any circumstances.

Arena-Park Sàrl is not responsible for any breakdowns or damage to the vehicles entrusted to it, nor for the consequences of any such breakdowns or damage, whether due to poor maintenance, electronic, mechanical or pneumatic faults, or to wear and tear of the parts and components required for the vehicle’s proper operation, or to insufficient oil, fuel or water.

In the event of liability on the part of Arena-Park Sàrl, the latter will only be liable for material loss up to the limit of the insurance cover taken out with the company, up to a maximum of CHF 5,000,000.

Arena-Park Sàrl accepts no liability for storms, hail or other damage caused by natural causes.

3 - Customer responsibility

The customer undertakes to be on time for the appointments agreed at the time of booking. In the event of a delay on your part, please inform us as soon as possible on the valet’s cell phone mentioned on your confirmation.

The customer declares that he has full use of the vehicle entrusted to Arena-Park Sàrl, either as the owner or as a third party authorized by the owner.

In order to move the vehicle legally to the parking area, the customer must leave the vehicle registration document in the glove compartment of the vehicle, as well as the carnet pollution (only for Swiss-registered vehicles). He also declares that the vehicle entrusted to him meets the legal insurance requirements and that the insurance contract taken out allows a third party to drive the vehicle entrusted to Arena-Park Sàrl.

The customer pays for the services provided by Arena-Park Sàrl by credit card at the time of booking. In the event of an incorrect return date at the time of booking, a penalty of CHF 40 will be added against the cost of moving the vehicle and valet. No refunds will be made for changes or cancellations made on the day of your trip, except in the case of flight cancellations.

Refunds for reservations are made in the form of a credit in the loyalty account, which can be consulted in the customer area. At the customer’s request and by email, the refund can be made to the credit card of the customer who made the reservation.

Please keep your booking confirmation in a safe place, and be ready to present it when returning the vehicle. If the confirmation is lost, Arena-Park Sàrl cannot be held responsible if it is presented by a third party who uses it fraudulently to recover the vehicle.

Arena-Park Sàrl undertakes to take responsibility for all damage to the bodywork of the customer’s vehicle, provided that a descriptive inventory of the vehicle has been carried out at the time of collection and at the customer’s request, that the damage or new condition has been noted by both parties and that a contradictory descriptive inventory has been drawn up at the time of return, before the customer leaves the collection point. Arena-Park Sàrl accepts no responsibility for any damage caused to the vehicle, and will not be liable for any claims concerning the condition of the vehicle made after its return.

4 - Applicable law and disputes

This contract is subject to Swiss law. Any dispute as to its interpretation and execution shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Geneva.

Arena-Park Sàrl reserves the right to modify any or all of these terms and conditions at any time.